Frequently Asked Questions.

What type of people do you have on your books?

The simple answer is single people aged 25+, of all sexual orientation, looking for a relationship.

How do I join?

Click on the join icon on our website and enter your details. We will then arrange a time to “get to know you”, this may be over a coffee/glass of wine or via Skype/Facetime. If you like us and we think we can help you, then you will then be in our capable hands.

What happens once I’ve joined?

We will put together your profile, a photo, and any important information we’ve gleaned from getting to know you. Once fully equipped it’s down to us to do what we do best and find you matches!

We will, of course, check our ever-growing database of lovely singles looking for love but will also be on the lookout for that perfect match 24/7.

What happens when you find me a match?

Once we have found you a match we will arrange your first date, this will be either a coffee, a drink in a bar, or a walk on the beach. Our approach is to keep the first meeting light. It will always be in a public place and will be tailored to your personality and where we feel you will be at your most relaxed.

This is a chance to get to know each other with no pressure.

What happens after a first date?

After your first date, we will catch up with each of you separately and get your feedback on whether you liked each other, what went well and maybe what didn’t go so well. This will not only help us get a better understanding of what you’re looking for but may help us help you create a better impression on that all important first date.

Is my personal information confidential?

Yes, 100%.

Can I view potential dates online?

No, we are going for the “old fashioned” approach, no more judging or being judged on a couple of photos that have most probably been filtered and may well have just a hint of a pout. We will have got to know each and every one of our clients and therefore will know if they have a lovely voice, an infectious laugh or a twinkle in the eye. These are the things that make you fall for someone. That certain je ne sais quoi!

How much is it to join?

Our membership prices work out around £10 p/m. You can choose the duration and your membership starts on the day of your first date so you don't need to worry if it takes a little time to find your perfect match.

3 month Full membership: £29.99

6 month Full membership: £59.99

Which areas do you cover?

We are, at present, covering the South of England and the surrounding area. However, we have plans to expand so please register your details with us and we will contact you.

I want to date but nothing serious, can you help?

If you’re looking for casual dating stick with Tinder for now. Maybe come back and see us when you’re ready for something more.

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